Careers Out There Overview

Career video show Careers Out There helps you answer the “what careers are there” and “what career is right for me” questions by featuring interviews with real professionals who talk about what they do at work, who makes the right fit for their paths, how to break in and how to succeed.

Whether you’re in high school or college OR whether you’ve been out there in the “real world” and are ready to be changing careers, our informational interview videos will help you in finding the right career fit. Watch this 2.5-minute demo to see how:

Marc Luber at CSN show at Shoreline Amphitheater

Me at age 23 working backstage at a Crosby Stills & Nash show

Your Special Something

We all have a special something that ticks inside of us. It’s that special combination of our strengths, our interests and that feeling that “this is what I’m meant to be doing right now.” When putting it into action, we feel like we’re playing even when we’re working – because this is where we like to apply our time and effort. Working with that special something leads to a positive cycle: when we apply our time and effort to something, we get better at it. The better we get, the more likely we’ll enjoy it.

As you ask yourself “what job is right for me,” focus on your strengths and interests so you can end up applying your time and efforts in the right place. After all, you don’t want to be one of those people who only lives for the weekends, do you? There are so many careers out there….and some of them will match up with enough elements from your special something to make a great fit for you. Our career video series will help you with this – and we also have career tests on the site to help you determine your strengths and interests.

I'm demonstrating the size of your brain after many hours on Careers Out There

Career Videos

I’m your host, Marc Luber. (To learn more about me, scroll down). I’m committed to helping you walk away from each career video knowing whether that particular career path would fit you. Be sure to check out the demo video above to see how. Just like in informational interviews, where you’re trying to determine “is this career right for me,” our career video guests will share their advice to help you – like in these videos on bioengineering careers, video game careers and how to become an economist.

Finding the Right Career Fit

Through your career planning process, keep in mind that there is no “good career” or “bad career.” It’s all about finding the right career fit for you. What’s fun and exciting for you might be torture for your best friend. As an extrovert, I love sales-related careers because I love talking to people all day. My neighbor is a shy CFO who stares at spreadsheets all day – and he loves that. He told me he would bang his head through the wall if he had to talk to people all day and do my kind of work. I told him I’d light my hair on fire and dive into a pool of battery acid if I had to do his. You really want to think about your personality, what you enjoy doing, what you’re good at, what you’re willing to sacrifice, what your financial goals are, how much schooling you’re willing to go through…the list goes on. THESE are the kinds of things we’ll discuss in every informational interview career video at Careers Out There.

About Host Marc Luber

I’m a Chicago native living in Los Angeles. I graduated from the University of Michigan (B.A., English) and the IIT/Chicago-Kent College of Law (J.D., Illinois Bar member). In my 20s, I followed my dreams into the music business, getting to manage some of my favorite bands and work with my rock star heroes. By the age of 25, I was working on a Rolling Stones tour! In my 30s, I made a career change into the career consulting space and became an attorney recruiter, first working for a search firm and then launching my own company. Since college, I’ve experienced working for giant public corporations, private family-run businesses, a dot com during the 90s boom, experienced layoffs in a shrinking industry, reinvention via career change and gone the entrepreneurial path to create businesses that have both succeeded (recruiting) and failed (a college music TV show and 1-900 number for musicians). You name it, I’ve been there. I feel fortunate to have always made a living doing work that inspires me and now I look forward to giving back by bringing my unique perspective to the table for you in each career video interview and helping you find a career that fits you.

Concern Foundation volunteering

I'm a board member of Concern Foundation for cancer research. Here we're volunteering at the annual fundraiser at Paramount Studios.

As an attorney recruiter, I successfully spent the better part of the past decade focused on careers for lawyers, helping young attorneys find their best career fit. This path was rewarding for me both emotionally and financially. With my own attorney search firm, it was my role to help law firms and corporations fill their available career opportunities with the right young attorneys. I worked with all types of lawyers, typically between the ages of 27-32 and graduates of the top law schools in America, working at the most prestigious law firms in Los Angeles. By the age of 30, they were typically making over $200,000 a year. Despite the great money, they were too often miserable and thinking of leaving law. The top reason they were miserable: they felt stuck in something that wasn’t the right fit for them! These issues led me to start JD Careers Out There, which is focused on what to do with a law degree. If only they had all done the necessary research before diving into their career paths…It’s my mission to make sure that you don’t make that same mistake.

Your Feedback

By sharing your thoughts and suggestions, we’ll be able to improve the site on an ongoing basis so that you get the best career videos and the best tools to help you in finding the right career fit so you can enjoy your career and be psyched to wake up for work each morning!