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Writing Non-Fiction Books with Author & Terror Expert Ken Ballen

by Marc Luber

Writing Non-Fiction Books

Terrorism expert Ken Ballen says that his successful new book of non-fiction, Terrorists in Love: The Real Lives of Islamic Radicals, kind of wrote itself. By interviewing over 100 extremist leaders and suicide bombers, Ken learned what no amount of torture or imprisonment could ever tell us: what lay within their hearts. He shares his story with us in today’s career video and provides advice for aspiring authors on writing and publishing non-fiction books.

SHORT VERSION       (Full Episode below)

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Today’s Guest

Ken BallenPresident/Founder of Terror Free Tomorrow: Ken Ballen
Law School: Columbia Law School in New York, NY
Grad School: The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy in Medford, MA
Grad Degree: Master’s in International Affairs
College: Tufts University in Medford, MA
High School: Edgemont High School in Scarsdale, NY
First Job Ever: Working on Wall Street at a firm that no longer exists
Worst Job Ever: See First Job Ever

Writing Careers

Ken tells us that writing non-fiction books is a challenging path because it takes an incredible amount of time and interest in the subject to generate a final product. Here are some resources to help you get a non-fiction book published. Ken says you’ll want to do a lot of networking to help find editors and agents. To work with them, you’ll first need to successfully write a non-fiction book proposal. Be sure to check out Ken’s book, Terrorists In Love . Click the image on the right or the affiliate link above to purchase it via Amazon.

Terrorists In Love

Typically on Careers Out There we do a Full Episode to go more in-depth in exploring a particular career path. Since it’s not every day that you get to sit down with a terrorism expert, we’re using today’s Full Episode for a deeper discussion of Ken’s book, Terrorists In Love. Ken tells us what it was like to hang out with terrorists, discusses the human element of their stories and also talks about the American foreign policy implications of his discoveries. In a separate interview, he tells us about alternative careers for lawyers.


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