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Career Articles of the Week: Career Shmeer 9/10/10

by Marc Luber

bagel with cream cheese shmeer

Welcome to the 7th installment of the Career Shmeer, where you’ll find links to great career articles from the past week (or so). Careers Out There is 9 years old today! Well, kind of. In the summer of 2001, I returned home to Chicago to take care of my mom when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer. By September, I needed a mental health break so I flew to LA to visit friends and check in on my apartment. When out with a group of friends for dinner, I was introduced to my friend Stacy’s new boyfriend Cameron, a professional cellist. I was asking him a million questions (as I’m prone to do when meeting new people) about what it means to be a professional cellist…until the whole group said “enough already” and suggested I just get a talk show where I ask people questions about their careers. Intrigued, I borrowed a pen from the waitress and wrote the idea down on a cocktail napkin. Hours later, I was woken up by my dad calling about the World Trade Center…

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Fun Stuff For Your Shmeer

  • Jumping the Shark: The Happy Days Episode – My fellow U of Michigan alum Jon Hein is the guy who made this phrase famous. It refers to the moment when anything turns a corner to begin its decline….and comes from the ridiculous, corner-turning episode of my favorite childhood TV show “Happy Days” when Fonzie went water skiing and jumped over a shark. This article analyzing the jumping the shark phenomenon was written by the same guy who wrote that original “Happy Days” episode! For the record, as a kid I wore Fonzie PJs to sleep and carried a Fonzie lunchbox to school!
  • Anatomy of a Concert Ticket – If you’re a concert-goer like me, you’ll find this info from Digital Music News to be very interesting.

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Did YOU read any career articles this week that really stood out? Share them below in the Comments!

Creative Commons License photo credit: stu_spivack