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20 Songs About Careers Out There

by Marc Luber

Since today is a Monday, I thought I would start the week with something light. As a music fanatic, I was thinking about what we can learn about careers and different career paths from pop songs. I don’t know that you’ll learn enough about any particular career path from a song to determine whether it’s the right career fit for you, but you can definitely learn something from pop songs with career references! By listening to the music of everyone from The Beatles to Lady Gaga, you can learn a little something about accounting careers, criminal justice careers, medical careers, teaching careers, music careers, truck driver careers, railroad careers and highway construction careers. You can even learn about the career paths of cab drivers, family farmers, preachers, the military, the postal service, sculptors and even those who make potions in traveling shows!

Check out this widget below from Ranker – clicking on it will show you much more – by doing so you might even discover a song or artist that’s new to you! If you do, come back and let us know! Also let us know what songs we’ve left out that have taught you about careers. The songs have to reference a specific career path to count….Have fun…





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