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Career Articles of the Week – Career Shmeer 9/3/10

by Marc Luber

bagel with cream cheese

Welcome to the 6th installment of the Career Shmeer, where you’ll find links to great career articles from the past week (or so). Posting has been slow the past few weeks: during that time the site got a facelift via Matt Chevy and I took a summer vacation to Chicago to see family, friends, Lollapalooza (Green Day, Soundgarden, The National, MGMT and Dawes = all good), and a fantastic Phish show at Alpine Valley in Wisconsin!  Ah, summer….it’s ending too soon…

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Did YOU read any career articles this week that really stood out? Share them below in the Comments!  Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone!

Creative Commons License photo credit: stu_spivack

  • Thank you so much for the shout-out! I absolutely love that you call your round-ups “Career Shmeer” – Hilarious! This is such a valuable resource for your readers – great job 😀

  • Ha, thanks Jenny! I loved “Live For the Dip”!

  • Between your photo and the Einstein mention, I now want a bagel!

  • Ha – Gini if I lived closer I’d say let’s grab lunch at a local deli!

  • Next time you’re in town! Or vice versa.