June 11

Career Shmeer: Links of the Week Worth Your Time



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Welcome to the first Career Shmeer! In case you’re wondering, a shmeer is a bunch of stuff that goes together – like cream cheese on a bagel. If you want everything thrown on your sandwich, when placing your order you can say, “give me the whole shmeer!” Well I’m not making sandwiches for you – but I’m giving you some great career-related links from the past week that, in the aggregate, make our first Career Shmeer! Hope you enjoy.

Career Advice

How To Outsource Your Life – Life After College
Employees Advise How To Be A Better Boss – Harvey Mackay
The Difference Between Employees vs Independent Contractors – Ryan Stephens
How To Enhance Networking Calls With Pre-Call Research – My guest post for Ryan Stephens

Career News

Why Companies That Treat Employees Well Have A Business Advantage – Inc.
How Marketers Can Connect With An Increasingly Converging Target Demographic – Ad Age
The Rehiring Of Former Employees – Inc.
Are Entrepreneurs Unlucky? – Inc.
Employment Challenges Facing New College Grads – NPR
Are Elite Schools Worth The Cost – GOOD
From Unemployment to Underemployed: A Lingering Reality – LA Times
A Doctor Shortage Is Coming – LA Times

The Life of Specific Careers

Inner-City School Teacher On the Isolated Nature of His Profession – GOOD
A Percussionist’s Life – NPR
OB/GYN Careers – My guest post on Pregnancy.org
Music Writing Careers – PopMatters
Physician Burnout Affects Patients Too – LA Times

Fun Stuff For Your Shmeer

“Raise It High” by the reunited band Chamberlain – GREAT GREAT song! I officially declare this brand new song the soon-to-be rock anthem of Summer 2010 and TV Sports programming everywhere. Interview with drummer Charlie Walker coming soon!
Never Stop Doing What Inspires You – No Matter What Your Age! – You Tube
What the TV Show Seinfeld Has Earned Since Ending in 1998 – Movieline

Shout-Outs of Thanks For the Support This Week!

Ryan Stephens
Odd Todd

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