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Green Home Building Careers

by Marc Luber

green home building

Green home building is a growing movement here in America.

Green jobs and green careers are on the rise as our government does some serious green investing, entrepreneurs search for new business ideas and the public’s environmental awareness grows.

Almost a quarter of America’s energy consumption comes from our homes. Odds are that your energy consumption in your home (heating, air-conditioning, electricity), is burning some combination of oil, gas and coal. Not only do these resources have limited supplies, but they are bad for the environment and our health, as we have seen in the recent news headlines.

Our green building consultant interview, our green interior design interview, and our energy auditor and home weatherization career interview taught us that the angles that buildings face and the materials that are used in the insulation, interior and exterior of the structure can help to make buildings more energy efficient (by needing to use less energy for heating or cooling for example), making the structure more sustainable and therefore more “green”.

This great article in the Chicago Tribune by Mary Ellen Podmolik shows how some real estate developers in suburban Chicago are engaged in green home building to help the environment and to use a marketing angle to fight the tough housing market. They are billing their housing development as providing net-zero energy homes. Keep an eye on news like this – green jobs will be on the rise as more developers and communities embrace green home building. Beyond working for the developers, someone will need to produce, market and sell the products these homes will need: solar panels, wind power, artificial synthetic lawn grass, sustainable wood floors, carpet….the list goes on.


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Image courtesy of FutureAtlas.com