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Thanks From Careers Out There

by Marc Luber

Careers Out There was born right before summer 2010! As I continue to change its diapers, I want to thank everyone for supporting the site. From those of you who read, watch, comment and tweet to those who have advised or worked on the site to the institutions who promote it to the guests who have generously shared their time to help the community, I can’t thank you enough.

In 2011 (wow, 2011!) we’ll continue the mission of bringing you career video interviews to help you find a career that fits. So often, whether we’re students or already out there working, we’re still wondering what careers are out there! We’ll keep learning here about what’s out there directly from the people who do each kind of work so that you can know the realities and be most likely to connect them with your passions and your strengths. Whether working for yourself or someone else, nothing helps you achieve satisfaction and success like connecting with the things that make you tick.

Meanwhile, it’s still the holiday season – so be sure you take some time to reflect, relax and recharge! Whether that means spending time with family and friends, traveling, lying by the fireplace or doing something adventurous outdoors, do it! This will help you to start 2011 fresh and set goals to unlock your potential for greatness. This summer I made a video reminding everyone to take a break, take a look around and appreciate the moment. I think it applies here so I’ve re-posted it above. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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  • Bruce

    Happy holidays to you too. I really like your site. keep up the good work