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Want To Go To Law School?

by Marc Luber

What Is Law School

If you think you want to go to law school, you should check out this video about law school where I interviewed the dean of my law school, Dean Harold Krent of the IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law. He helps answer the question of “what is law school” so that you can determine whether it’s for you. There are so many different backgrounds and college majors that can be helpful if you want to go to law school. Hal provides a candid point of view about law school and who should go to law school.

SHORT VERSION         (Full Episode below)

Law School

Today’s Guest

Dean Harold Krent of IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law Law School Dean Harold Krent
Title: Dean, IIT/Chicago-Kent College of Law
City: Chicago, IL
Law School: New York University in New York, NY
College: Princeton University in Princeton, NJ
First Job: History teacher
Worst Job Ever: Trash collector

Want To Go To Law School

If you want to go to law school, you can look forward to learning how to think, read and write like a lawyer during your time there. However, learning about careers for lawyers and navigating practical career skills like workplace communications, networking and interviewing, are more likely to be your own responsibility. Hopefully the law school you choose will have a great career center to help with these career-related issues.

If you’re sure you want to go to law school, you should join us at our new site, JD Careers Out There, which is focused on careers for lawyers. A JD is a law degree, by the way. At JDCOT (our nickname for the site), we look at the wide variety of things to do with a law degree – from law careers to alternative careers for lawyers. We also get you career advice from the legal community in our professional development videos, which help you navigate those practical career skills mentioned earlier.

The full interview with Dean Krent is a great place for you to start if you want to go to law school. He addresses what is law school, who should go to law school, the finances of going to law school, taking the bar exam and some different careers for lawyers.


who should go to law school


To see a transcript of the full interview with Dean Hal Krent about who should go to law school, please visit our new sister site, JD Careers Out There. A JD is a law degree. We’re calling that site JD Careers Out There because there are so many things you can do with a law degree – and many of those things don’t involve practicing law. We get you career video interviews at JDCOT just like we do here – plus we get you mentoring videos from our guest experts on how to handle day-to-day practical career skills like workplace communications, interviewing, networking and more. Visit that site at JDCareersOutThere.com or take a shortcut by going to JDCOT.com.

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Do you want to go to law school? What careers for lawyers interest you? Let us know – share your feedback in the Comments section below.


Law School