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Career Shmeer 7/2/10 – Links of the Week Worth Your Time

by Marc Luber

bagel with cream cheese

Welcome to the 2nd half of 2010 and the 3rd installment of the Career Shmeer! The Shmeer provides great career-themed links from the past week.

Have a great holiday weekend! If you spend time enjoying nature, keep in mind what I was taught during my childhood summers in Bemidji, Minnesota: Take only pictures; leave only footprints. Enjoy the Shmeer….

Career Advice

30 Lessons From An Accidental Entrepreneur – Heather Whaling/prTini
Do Anything You Want By Figuring Out What You Need – Matt Cheuvront/Life Without Pants
The Adult Guide To Finding What You Want To Be When You Grow Up – Melissa/Peace & Projects
How To Break Up With Your Day Job – Melissa/Peace & Projects
How To Set Business Goals – Inc.

Career News

Social Networking Ever More Critical To Job Search Success – CIO
Why Corporations Should Be More Responsible – GOOD
Top 10 Cities For Green Jobs – Mother Nature Network
What Are Alternatives To Traditional College? – GOOD
Why So Few Young People Start Businesses – Business Week
6 Traits Of A Successful Small Business Owner – Inc.

The Life of Specific Careers

Actor: 10 Lessons Learned In Pursuit of a Hollywood Acting Career – Common/LA Times Magazine
Entrepreneur: Tips from Jason Mraz (who knew he had an avacado business!) – MSNBC
Entrepreneur: The Fruit Guys – Inc.
Entrepreneur: My friend Clark Benson of Ranker explains the viral growth of eCrush – Andrew Warner/Mixergy

Generation Y

This week we featured 2 interviews with national Gen Y columnist Sharalyn Hartwell about Gen Y in the workplace:
Generation Y: What Motivates Gen Y In The Workplace
Generation Y: What Does It Take To Get Job Satisfaction?
Why Is Generation Y Not Into Twitter – Gini Dietrich/Fight Against Destructive Spin

Fun Stuff For Your Shmeer

30 Years of Apple In 2 Minutes – TUAW
Career News I’m Personally Excited About – Yahoo! Sports
“A Great Eater”: Kobayashi Retires – Time

Related Posts You Might Like

How To Discover Your Strengths To Find A Career Fit
Make Your Own Luck
15 Career Development Topics That Will Follow You Through Life
Finding the Right Career Fit | Choosing A College Major
How American Idol Is Like The Ultimate Job Interview: Confidence Is Key

Did you read any career-themed pieces this week that really stood out? Share them below in the Comments! Again, happy 4th.

Creative Commons License photo credit: stu_spivack