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Do You Believe Anything Is Possible?

by Marc Luber

Do you believe anything is possible? We’ve discussed the related idea here that you can make your own luck in life. I think if you just believe in yourself, stay focused, and invest your time, energy and determination towards your goal, you’ll find that anything is possible. This inspirational video makes a pretty good case for that argument!

“People Are Awesome” has been making it’s way around the world via YouTube for the past week. In addition to being a powerful and fascinating video, it’s serving as a smart marketing tool for the band Hadouken, who pieced together these YouTube clips to promote their new song. The people in this video make what they’re doing look so easy – but I guarantee you they invested countless hours of practice and focus to achieve what you’re watching.

If you apply to your career the same determination that they must have applied to each of these physical acts, good things should happen! In the meantime, don’t try these acts at home.

Do you believe anything is possible?


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Image courtesy of martuka41