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Interesting Facts About Lung Cancer (Video)

by Marc Luber

Lung Cancer Awareness Month has arrived today with the start of November. As I’ve written here before, I lost my mom to lung cancer in 2002. Witnessing the effects of this disease will haunt me forever. I want to share some interesting facts about lung cancer with all of you:

Interesting Facts About Lung Cancer

1) Lung cancer is the #1 cancer killer. It kills 150,000 Americans every year.

2) It is one of the most under-researched and underfunded cancers. You can help change that by donating to a lung cancer charity like the Lung Cancer Foundation of America, which funds lung cancer research.

3) 15% of people who get lung cancer never smoked before. Radon, secondhand smoke, genetics and unknown causes make up this category. See the EPA’s radon website to learn more about radon in your home.

4) Does smoking cause lung cancer? Yes! 85% of lung cancer is caused by smoking. That means you can take a huge step towards prevention by not smoking.

5) Smoking lung cancer statistics: 10-15% of smokers will get lung cancer. 438,000 American smokers die every year from either lung cancer, other cancers, heart attacks or strokes.

6) 90% of smokers begin smoking before age 18. Very few people start smoking after age 21. That means the high school and college student age group is most at risk of falling victim to the addiction of nicotine, thereby becoming lifelong smokers and being at high risk for lung cancer. The best way to avoid this is to never start smoking or to quit as soon as possible.

I hope you find these interesting facts about lung cancer helpful and spread the word about Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Please share your feedback in the Comments!


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